I love when I can check my kids in to play and go off shopping in that store for a while. Though there are not many places like this I cherish the few that are around.


IKEA has Smaland. It is very popular and my kids have a lot of fun each time I am there. I love that I can enjoy checking things off my errand list and shopping while not having the kids running around. I can actually think! I leave with everything I need instead of having to make a bunch of trips out for everything I forgot.! Tuesday are especially great at IKEA becuase on TUESDAYS Kids Eat Free! That’s right playtime(no fee) and a free meal for the kids and shopping time for me! Absolutely great! IKEA RESTAURANT understands kids palates, so your child will definetly find one of their Kids Meals and enjoy it and this is comingn from a seasoned Mother of 3 finicky eaters!

GIANT EAGLE – Giant Eagle and Market District both offer EAGLE’S NEST! My kids love it in there. I often have to beg and plea to get them out of there! I love the idea that I can check my child in, they are well-watched, they can color, watch a movie, play video games and so much more! The staff is super. I shop for my groceries peacefully and I know my kids are happy.

Though not a checked in facility, a nice play area exists in DIRECT BUY. While you are working on placing an order or finding what you need to order, there is a play area for your children.



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