JCP free haircuts KIDS ONLY Tmrw.. Scheduled or Walk-In (if available)

Calling ALL KIDS … Parents need haircuts for your kids?  An entire day of KIDS ONLY haircuts FREE at your local JCP salon.  All JCPenney are participating.If you miss tomorrow no worries the special continues ALL MONTH long!

Here is the inside track for the Robinson Township JCP.. I just spoke with them!

FREE HAIRCUTS for children ages K-6th Grade . Tomorrow’s features NO ADULT cuts in salons ONLY KIDS.  A day dedicated to FREE haircuts for KIDS ONLY!

Stylists will be dressed up in ‘DISNEY THEME’ attire

Lollipos for kids.


The special is even better. Tomorrow are free kids cuts all day for KIDS only, but the special continues ALL through AUGUST for free cuts for kids  k-6th.

The whole month of free haircuts for kids grade k-6 is a great way to enjoy a cut for free.  Appointments are not required but they are suggested.  The salons will take walk-ins as long as there is someone available to cut. No catches, no gimmicks, just free kids haircuts.

Frugally Fantastic









This information is what was supplied to me from the Salon. The free cuts are all month long. All JCP are participating.  PFM can not be held responsible for any malfunctions, non-happenings, or non-specials.  This is information I received and posted. Thank you.  I simply post what I learn.

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