Huge Annual Clearance Sale Friday July 27 Castle Toys and Games

I love a good sale and when you can score deals that are excellent before CHRISTMAS kicks in I consider that FRUGAL!  Castle Toys and Games is have its Annual Clearance Sale starting this FRIDAY, July 27, 2012.  Annual Clearance Sale starts FRIDAY, July 27 with up to 75% off savings on thousands of items!  Get there early for best selection!



PITTSBURGH HAS 2 LOCATIONS .  Welcome to 2 floors that offer creativity, imagination and ADVENTURE!  There is something for every child from educational toys, to toys for the learning challenged and of course toys that just offer PLAIN old FUN! If you are a family that loves Game Nights, Castle Toys and Games has you covered too!

Here is a coupon for you! Click Here. 1 free item for every 2 clearance items purchased! BARGAIN.

I like stores that are clean, organized and allow you to touch and feel the toy being bought, such is the CASTLE TOYS and GAMES way!  This is not a chain of stores, this business is family owned and operated, making it personal and wonderful.

The store boasts 1500 line items under $10 each. You’ll find something you like.  In addition, there are  In-Store Kidtivities and family game nights too!



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