AD READS:  One mom seeking out foods that her daughter can eat even with CORN allergies.  = Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops, no Corn or Corn Syrup. 

How about the Real Background on HOW these Organic Lollipops are made.  yummy earth lollipops


My daughter at age 14 has been very ill, and I keep writing to all of you about it.  She has been hospitalized with STOMACH MIGRAINES.  I feel so bad when she has been ill and there is so little I could do.  We had run every possible test, except the obvious, ALLERGY Testing.  At age 14 my daughter Kallie has been diagnosed with CORN ALLERGIES, which seems to explain the Migraines, the STOMACH Migraines, the lip swelling etc.  She had been on very strong medication to help migraines but we have since taken her off.  The challenge, to provide a CORN-FREE diet to a child who has loved Nachos, Tacos, Chicken, Beef, Candy, etc..  Try breaking this news to a 14 year old—- Life altering and difficult.  Hence my quest to find her foods that taste great and meet HER diet criteria.

The questions I get once in a while: Why are you writing about this? I am writing about it because initially we felt like our whole world had changed, but CONSUMER EDUCATION led us down another path and anything I can find can help OTHERS with the same challenges.  We have found so many good companies with so many PERFECT products that we like to help decipher what things actually taste good and can add to your menus if you have some of the same challenges.  Education is key.


My daughter has been craving sweets and this is one of the hardest areas to cover because so many things are made with CORN SYRUP that are sweet.  Not YUMMY EARTH ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS, they are created with Planet Friendly Organics including evaporated cane juice and Organic Rice.

The Tag line used by Yummy Earth.  “Good for us.  Good for Mother Earth”

The Lolli’s are

Gluten Free, Certfified Organic,  No artificial Colors, 100% Natural Flavors, No CORN, No CORN SYRUP, Casein-Free, 100% Vegan, Tree-Nut Free, GMO-Free, Peanut-Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Dairy-Free and contain no MSG!

Yummy Earth’s collection are certified organic, all natural and have award winning tastes.  There are no CHEMICAL COLORS.

You can feel good about feeding your child this ‘Sweet Treat’.

The smile that has encased my daughter’s face because of this find gets TWO THUMBS up from me and I am sure your children with allergies or your family that eat healthy and organic will LOVE this find.

The flavors in the bag are:

Wet-face watermelon, to berry blueberry, sour apple tart, pomegranate pucker(OUR FAV), mango tango, googly grape, strawberry smash, and very very cherry.There are 50+ in each Family Size Bag. You can purchase these on AMAZON or at your local stores.

The lollipops are absolutely YUMMY!  If you have a child that you feed organically, these are your PERFECT Match.  In addition they sell many other GREAT products, so you have to check out this line to see what they have.  I can tell you we will be fans of this forever as it seems to be the PERFECT LOLLIPOP


Now while my son can not eat all the flavors, he is enjoying the ones that he can! Nut-Free, Tree-Nut Free makes it possible for him to eat them as well! A BIG WIN in his world!  Thanks Yummy Earth.










I received a bag of Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops in exchange for my honest and true opinion.

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