As a mom, traveling with 3 children, all with different food allergies, I was so excited to tell you about APPLEBEE’s but there are other places that food allergy-laden families can eat and I found yet another Great PLACE:  Romano’s Italian Macaroni Grill.   I called ahead and made sure the restaurant was a LATEX FREE establishment ~ Nut Free, etc.  Look at this. 


I was so excited, look at the special menu they have that has ALL the ALLERGEN INFORMATION!  Ordering was really easy at Romano’s Italian Macaroni Grill because this Allergen INFORMATION put what we needed to know on paper.


The food was really delicious and a few other things you might want to know.  The tablecloth is paper and you are given crayons to get creative.  You are given bottled fresh water to enjoy at each table.  Every table gets fresh bread to dip into olive oil mixtures which are created right on your table.  The establishment is FAMILY-FRIENDLY and has KICKIN Brick Oven Pizza. It’s a shame there are NONE in Pittsburgh~

So here’s to Applebee’s for their continual help in allergy-free foods and Here’s to Romano’s Italian Macaroni Grill– Each in Florida, (Pinellas County and Largo) for their ability to feed my children without worry while traveling! ~pfm






























This is not a paid post. This is just something I have found with children and allergies.  Make sure to check with your restaurant for ALLERGEN information.



I usually boast about APPLE

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