As a mom with children who have many food allergies, each child with their own different set finding food that is conducive to each diet is hard.  I am currently trying to appease my 8  year old son, who can not eat any foods with nuts, and shell fish as well as many fruits.

I have been fortunate enough to try a few products by SCHAR.  The Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls which are gluten free and wheat free as well as nut free and Gluten Free, nut free HONEYGRAMS.

The rolls were easy to prepare.

I put them on a parchment lined tray and pre-heated my oven to 400 degrees.  I baked the rolls for 10 minutes and they were perfect.  My son took a fresh salad I had prepared for him and added it to the bread, which I sliced for him and enjoyed a crispy crust salad sandwich.  As he was eating he told me he was that he could have this good CRUSTY bread.  This translated this way: the bread does not taste like paste and it has a good crunch, 2 things that seem to be lacking in so many gluten free bread products.

I like the products because you can keep them in your home, frozen until you are ready to use them, and toss them in the oven at will.  A big bonus as I never know what is happening from moment to moment in my home!  There is always a food available then for my son. The rolls are low fat, a good source of fiber and have no GMO!




These made a delicious snack.  I have to tell you, I joined in on this snack.  The HONEYGRAMS are not your typical Graham Cracker.  They are light, and airy and almost buttery.  I can imagine these would make the best SMORES you might ever have. Oh, who needs to imagine, I made them.  The light airy crunch of the cracker against the melted Marshmallow was PERFECTION! These do have CORN ingredients but they do not have NUTS.  They are very yummy.

If YOU ARE in search of delicious GLUTEN FREE products look no further than SCHAR.  If you are eating a GLUTEN FREE MENU you can connect with other members doing the same thing right through the SCHAR CLUB for free, a really nice way to connect with others that have the same diets.


If you want really delicious foods that are GLUTEN FREE and some of them even NUT FREE, look no further.  You can check ingredients right on line.  I did.  You can also find some great recipes.  Check out the SCHAR website.


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