Clinical deodorant is a bit ‘pricey’ to say the least so shopping and getting it on sale are key elements to being frugal.  I like a particular brand that is clinical and it is upwards of $9 a bottle.  If you have shopped for anti-perspirant that is strong and without a prescription chances are you  know this already.

I was given the opportunity to try CERTAIN DRI ANTI-PERSPIRANT which is the strongest available formula without a prescription. It’s claim to fame is stopping excessive perspiration for 72 hours, and it met its claim.

The manufacturer is so confidant that if you are not happy with the product when used as directed they will give you a full refund.  In order to obtain your refund you will need the purchase receipt.  It’s that SIMPLE!


CERTAIN-DRI should be applied at night, 2-3 times per week at bedtime.  Applying this at bedtime will allow it to penetrate the pores overnight.  You can still use your regular deodorant in the morning which will simply create a sweat protection system.

I actually tried this product and it does work.  I was kind of amazed because the price tag on it is under $6 which makes this a bargain and no need to carry a coupon.

I  turned in my deodorant for a challenge with Certain Dri.  I was provided a sample to try.  I was concerned about 24 hour protection, and if it was a solid, so many are creams. It worked, no questions asked. I used the solid, not the roll-on.

Certain Dri has a 72 Hour Stay Dry Marathon happening on their FB page for 8 weeks. As a fan you will be able to have a chance to win a Travelocity travel gift card to create your own 3 day weekend get away, Certain Dri products and $72 retail gift cards.  Check them out on FB for this opportunity.

I would love to allow you the opportunity to try this product out as well. Here is what you will need to do.

Here is you chance to win some FREE CERTAIN DRI!

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