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Eating vegetables all the time can get boring, and I do need a little umpppphhhhh to keep it interesting. This recipe is easy, tasty with the right mix of bitterness and salt(from the cheese). The bread gives the whole sandwich a good crunch.

My version is a little easier, 1) because I am not Rachael Ray and 2) because time is precious little and good food does not have to have a lot of steps. Below is my variation.

In a frying pan, throw a few tbsp of olive oi and brown 2 garlic cloves. Add a head of broccoli rabe and some mediterranean salt, quickly pan fry till broccoli rabe wilts and garlic soften. Once steamed, throw grated mozzarella over the broccoli rabe and allow cheese to melt on it while heat is off.

Toast a ciabatta, cut up marinated red peppers. Add broccoli rabe, peppers, mozzarella to ciabatta! Simple, and delicious.

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