blankZ – What Are They?


blankZ – a wide open canvas for your child to use their imagination and artistic ability to create over and over again.

My little son was so excited that he took this picture when we received it.

1 blankZ plush animal, 5 markers, and a blankZdrop card.





This box contains a  plush toy can be designed over and over again by your child.  We received the white hound.  This is an animal waiting to be decorated by your child.  blankZ markers are provided.  The tie-in  from blankZ to  to Pittsburgh Frugal Mom:   The plush little animal is  able to be washed over and over even when the markers are applied, and when your child is done  creating you can simply put in the laundry machine, wash it and comes back out blank again.  It’s very frugal toy! It is a great green toy, for its reuse! When my son felt like he had created on the Hound enough we washed it, if he felt like he could do a better job, he stopped creating and I put it in the wash again, it was just like an eraser.  Each time I gave him his Hound back he had a glimmer in his eye.


What’s Available: You can choose from the following:

7 blankz characters.  In the most generic forms the characters include: a Bare(bear), Ele-Faint(elephant), Bloink(pig), White Hound(doggy), No Bully(bull), Bare Hare(bunny rabbit), and Un Sealed(seal). Each animal comes WHITE and is an open canvas for your child’s imagination.  He/She will be able to create many great designs with the markers that are included in the package. The marker colors are :  black, red, yellow, green and blue. The markers are special for Fabric and the color releases when the colored item is washed.

At this point you might want to know where you can get one of these great blankZ characters?  You can purchase blankZ online. You can check out their Facebook page or connect with them on Twitter and Pinterest.


My son created this one.  

He gave it a collar and he put some balloons on it to make it a happy hound as he told me. No two designs will  ever be the same because each time your child will make it look different.  When he created the first one, he  wanted to do it again my process:  take that little animal, I snapped a picture of it to see his art work later, then I placed it in the washer and dryer and he created again. Quite easy.

I do have a few pointers for you as I found out the hard way: If your child puts one color on and then continues to color with a different color, this can cause color bleeding .  Additionally, if your child has a beverage they are drinking and their hands are moist from a sweating bottle, don’t allow them to touch the designs because color does run and it transfers onto their hands(yes we had this happen:) If your child gets the marker on their hand it is easily removable as we found out with water (warm) and soap!

Enjoy a toy that allows creativity and yet frugality all in one.  Stay tuned to win one of these.. Opportunity up and coming!




If you want to see this live and how it works go HERE and vrsit the You Tube Video.


Karma Media has teamed up with BlankZ at Always Been Creative to give away 1 amazing BlankZ animals to 15 lucky winners. Giveaway ends August 6, 2012 to US residents. Enter today to win and good luck!

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I received blankZ  as part of the KARMA MEDIA TEAM. All Opinions set forth are 100% mine.

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