Joyce Chen Burnished Bamboo Wooden Spoon 12"Joyce Chen Burnished Bamboo Wooden Spoon 12"Lipper International 826 Set of 6 Bamboo Kitchen Tools, in Mesh Bag

This week’s blog has focused on kitchen gadgets that make your life easier, and I have two last pieces to visit, the Bamboo Wood Spoon & the Bamboo Wooden Turner.
I have many pans that are non-stick and the best tool of choice is one that is either plastic or wooden, not metal. My favorite spoon has become a bamboo spoon, not only does it not mark my pan, rip it up, or ruin it, it also cleans so easily and never feels dry against my skin. Old-fashioned wooden spoons have dry, horrible handles that feel nasty against skin and they crack and need scrubbed. Modern day bamboo wood spoons, are wonderful, as well as inexpensive and don’t melt when used in a frying pan.

Bamboo Wood Turner Spatula - 12 InchTo turn food, I have found the bamboo wood turner. I love using this piece when I am cooking things that do stick, things that need turned frequently, or when I make potatoes. This tool gets in on the side of the pan, lifts, turns, and is highly versatile. The turner, cleans easily and really is an essential piece in my kitchen armory. I know it seem funny to talk about something like this, but you really can not believe how useful this piece is. The turners run about $2 of $3 and can be found in TJMAXX and Marshall’s, Target, Wal-Mart and most major retailers. Remember, sometimes these turners need an application or two of mineral oil before, during or after using them.

I hope you have found some useful new tools for your kitchen this week, after reading all these articles. Make your life easier, and try a new tool of the trade.

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