Great produce at great prices that’s what you will find EVERYDAY at ALDI.   If you’re on a budget and who isn’t?  The best way to buy produce is at Aldi.  Their prices beat the competitors every day: look at head lettuce it’s only 89 cents and the Artisan Lettuce that is found in other local stores for $3+ is only $1.99 and I buy it ALL the time.  Bananas are  pennies on the dollar and sometimes clearanced really low depending on the stock!  Bags of apples are available and under $3 makes them a steal.  Bagged fruit is not nicked and bruised, it is dependable and delicious.   1 of my favorite new finds at Aldi is the bags of  fresh fruit :  Nectarines, plums and peaches.  Items are packed between 6 and 8 in a bag and the bag has a zipper lock on it.  The bag is perfect for transporting with the great handle.  I don’t worry about fruit that isn’t right in the bag because they have a 100 percent money back guarantee.

If you’re looking to take money  out of your grocery bill the produce department at ALDI, and put a dent in your grocery bill.   Save big with a little bit of money at a premium fresh product department.












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