Every day in my life is a new adventure. My adventures are often shopping trips, consumer reports discussing the pros and cons of shopping here or there, or making big ticket purchases that we all have to make or places that we travel.  I prefer to call all the aforementioned ADVENTURES,  because as any parent knows, if you have kids and you have to go anywhere it often becomes an ADVENTURE and an event, not just an errand run and never just a vacation!

3 kids and a car, away I go! Our travels take us everywhere near and far.  We drive the East Coast and fly to the West, I will tell you what’s what and who is best! Stay tuned for the travel and I will let it all unravel.

My adventures are intended to highlight and feature the great places we go to around our city and the U.S., as well as companies, corporations, products, consumables that we ALL purchase everyday.   All items stated in any of my adventures are my own findings, my own opinions and information that I find relevant to what I do everyday as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom… bring you the best places to use in ALL of your purchases.

Hopefully along the way we all find the best way to do things, the most efficient way to purchase items and the most hassle-free options that there are, because after all being frugal is about saving time and money!

I look forward to you joining me in the ADVENTURES OF PITTSBURGH FRUGAL MOM… who knows where we will go next!


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