Each of us has a preferred piece we use in our kitchen and lives to make it more livable, easier to complete projects, cooking etc, and I am no different.  I know I could not live without my KITCHEN AID mixer.  I bought mine in BREAST CANCER Pink!  I love it and it saves me time and money in EVERYTHING that I prepare.  My favorite feature is that I can add my ingredients and walk away. Now I am shopping for something else, and oven and a cook top.  I do believe I want these items separate.

I am currently shopping for an oven that will make my life a BREEZE.  With kids and allergies I have to prepare most of my meal from SCRATCH which means cooking time in the kitchen needs to be ‘lightened up’.  I have a GE oven right now and I will be all too happy to be rid of it.  The stove part – the elements have never heated to their appropriate temperatures, the cleaning of a plastic inlay is ridiculous and the ovens’ self cleaning feature leaves a lot to be desired.  Though the unit came with the home when we purchased it — it is not what I would have chosen.  It is only a few years old and I am looking to replace it. I am thinking double oven with quick time cooking(convection).  In addition I am looking to replace the stove as I do not like this whole unit.  I am thinking that both pieces need to become separate pieces for the volume that I cook.

I am wondering what brand each of you turns to when it is time to PURCHASE an item like this.  Leave me a comment.  I love hearing why and what you have found, it helps me discern what I am really looking for.  Also hearing about the pros and cons from others than the manufacturer and sales people is ALWAYS helpful.



  1. Leslie says

    Sears Scratch & Dent Center in Lawrenceville!! Minor, tiny dings off brand name appliances. They sell them for $100s off. If you really want you can buy Sears Gift cards at Giant Eagle to purchase and earn fuel perks too.

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