I spend a fair amount of time here with my parents and I am learning quickly Great places and places that I would never return to! We are everywhere each day and having a lot of fun.. a few fun things: I was walking across the street from my parents place and going to a sidewalk, when sitting next to the bermuda grass was a BLACK SNAKE, with its little pink tongue going.. I screamed and ran.  A few steps later, a gecko, lizard, whatever gross little reptilian thing it was , and all of its relatives were running!!  Again, screamed and ran.

As you all know my one son is allergic to so much it is hard to go anywhere to eat.  My diet is a bit restrictive as well, but I have been bending it in order to maneuver through.  Here are places that we could not get to work out with Latex allergies as well as peanut allergies and shell fish allergies-As a MOM first I either call ahead or walk in and ask the following questions: My son has latex allergies are you latex free? I generally get a look like what are you talking about so then I proceed to say, “in food preparation do you use vinyl or latex gloves?”

Tonight at AMICI’s I was not even given the chance to ask anything further because a waiter made it his duty to inform me that the state of FLORIDA has a rule that mandates LATEX gloves must be worn in every food establishment! I asked are you sure it is not vinyl and are you able to prepare food without gloves, latex touching etc..  His answer No.. My answer, Out the door and not ever going back there.  Funny, that about 6 miles away we went to an APPLEBEE’s that is LATEX free and had no peanut problems and was super accommodating to us(as usual, APPLEBEE’s is always great) .

We have also visited VENUS. Yes what a different name for a restaurant but if you are looking for GREAT food at a REASONABLE price then you have to travel here! Meals come with butterscotch or tapioca pudding! The waiting staff = outstanding and the tables, booths and outside seating … LOADED all the time.  What types of food do they serve? : Liver and onions, tuna melts, GYROS(as they are GREEK), Greek salads, hamburgers, seafood and more! Feed a family of 4 for under $25 trust me.. it’s possible! My parents frequent here because of the great service and the great food, and it’s close by!

CODY’s – while we can not visit this time because of Peanuts that are in barrels at the front door, if you like great food and a great waiting staff you have to do CODY’s! Anything BBQ here is great.


We love Clearwater Beach for its seashells.  I have picked so many that my arms hurt from hauling them from the beach to my mom’s! No here is the thing, they are not small shells.



I have been visiting Target, Walgreens as well as BEALLS, and HSN OUTLET what fun.  Each of these is different.  You may be asking why I visit WALGREENS and Target but honestly each store has great new merchandise that home does not have, it becomes a MUST to see.  I have found the greatest shoes, the best local things like shirts and scuba masks at Walgreens and BEALLS well this kicks KOHL’s big time!   I love the Italian Shoe Maker shoes and let me give you a price line… $70 for only $20, NOT JUST one pair but multitudes and housewares that are well priced.  But the bargaining gets even better there is BEALLS cash $10 for every $50 it is outstanding and if you love clothes and shoes you have to try these out! I  spent the day shopping and it is definitely priced right!!!


So these are just a few places to try– I will be writing more for you shortly as we are off to a special mini golf place as well as a great restaurant. :)







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