The Sodastream is a home free-standing machine that makes SODA in less than 30 seconds. The idea behind the SODASTREAM is to save money, reduce landfill(by recycling the same bottle) and provide you with a great tasting beverage that does not have High Fructose Syrup, or Nutra Sweet in it. Many of the flavors do use Splenda. 2 LITER bottles rolling around in the back of you vehicle are a thing of the past if you own a Sodastream. Making regular cola provides you with LESS calories than store bought Cola(about 67 less calories).

The bottles you use are biodegradeable, and the machine itself does not use electric. There is no clean up. Making soda is effortless.

I received a SODASTREAM Home Soda Maker – GENESIS for review and I am not quite sure who was more excited, me or the kids? I unpacked it and assembled it with VERY FEW steps. The machine is small, and able to stay on the kitchen counter. It is sleek looking and makes soda INSTANTANEOUSLY!

I received so many different flavors that I had to actually decipher which one I was going to use first.

My first try was not too successful, my pop was flat. I could not imagine why? I had added the right amount of the Cola flavoring and I saw bubbles appear in the water when I pressed the button, so where did I go wrong? Assembly was a snap so I knew I had not put it together wrong. I called customer service and within 2 minutes I knew what I Had not DONE!

You Press the Triangular button and You hold it, until it sound like a screwdriver tightening a nail in the wall, not just enough to make it show bubbles. Once I had corrected my error, my SODA, and Seltzer turned out PERFECT.

You change the carbonation through the number of pumps you pump on the button. If you prefer more carbonation you pump up to 6x if you prefer less, 3x. We have the perfect root beer combination on ours as 4 pumps. I find that to make the perfect seltzer water it takes 5 pumps, but I like my diet cola at 3 pumps. This all varies from person to person.


1) Fill the bottle with water to the line

2) Pump the Triangular button to put the FIZZ in the drink between 3 and 6 pumps

3) Take the bottle off the Sodastream, slowly and angling so it sounds like the brakes on a roller coaster coming to a stop.(that is what my kids say)

4) Add flavoring of your choice (wait 30 seconds before you do and pour the syrup in slowly so it does not surge to the top)

5) Cap it and shake it gently.

6) Refrigerate. (ours goes right from the Sodastream to our glasses)

That’s It.

I can not imagine living without one of these machines now that we have it. The kids are able to make the Soda, unassisted and I am fine with them having their ‘treat’ as I know the ingredients. I love the idea of staying eco-friendly by using the same bottles over and over again, and the no-cleanup is a no-brainer!











I received the above mentioned product for review only. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions are my own opinions.

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  1. Great review. I’m still on the fence about buying one. I’m not sure I’ll like the Diet Cola flavor, and I can’t live without my diet soda lol.

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