If you are like me, you are a busy mom, running in about 32 directions at the same time, no time to waste. My days typically run something like this: wake everyone up, start rushing around making sure their school clothes are on and match, check everyone for teeth brushing, feed everyone, get those lunch boxes filled and make sure they all get on the bus! Somewhere in between, I am checking my e-mails, placing calls to the places I know are already open so I can check things off my to-do list, attempting to drink a cup of coffee that is too hot so I lie it down and forget about it and when I rediscover it —- it’s cold! Nonetheless, this is a typical day in motherhood for most of us. I never mind the craziness until I have to plan a party and I am ‘pinched’ for time.

How to Throw The Perfect Party With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Recently I had to plan a communion party for my son and I knew that time was my largest factor working against me. I turned to Shop ‘n Save to get the party catered and delivered. This might not seem like the place you would turn for catering but that may be because you are unaware of the really great options Shop ‘n Save has for parties and events.

I traveled to my local Shop ‘n Save in Cranberry and met with staff from each department to get my party planned.

MEET SUSAN : Bakery Department Shop ‘n Save

Susan and I spoke at length to get the cake just right. Susan showed me all my options, from rosaries to roses and cake batter. My son has severe nut allergies and Susan was able to provide me with a label that provided the cake ingredients and guess what? Niko could have his cake and eat it too! While the bakery is not nut free, the cake batter is! (you need to speak with your individual bakery to see what is in their batter, bakery etc., this is what I found for MY son)

HOT FOODS: Meet Mike & Maria -

I expected to just go to Shop ‘n Save, order basic chicken and not have many options, but can I tell you that I actually had to figure out what I wanted and did not want because there are so many choices! Roast Beef, Cheesy Potatoes, Fried Chicken, Sandwich Platters, and Fruit Salad. topped my menu. Maria and Mike figured out how much I would need based on the people I had coming, and I was even able to adjust the menu up or down up to 2 days before the scheduled event!

When I was done ordering the catering, I simply traveled throughout the rest of the store, and grabbed my paper products and other party needs, and checked out. When I checked out, I earned PUMP PERKS to use towards my future gas purchases at Shop ‘n Save.

I shopped and I saved, very Pittsburgh Frugal. The staff was friendly and the food was delicious. I loved that I never had to leave the store and that I could get EVERYTHING I needed for our party in one location. No running around, no forgetting stuff, just ONE STOP SHOPPING! The icing on the cake for me… DELIVERY- just the fact that I knew my food was going to just ‘show up’ was PRICELESS. I was able to focus on my little guy making communion and his special day, no other worries.

The food made an excellent presentation and it was matched by its taste. The chocolate chip cookies were an excellent addition to the cake and were enjoyed by everyone.










SOME of the catering provided was given to me by Shop ‘n Save for the purpose of review. I received NO monetary compensation. All opinions are my own. PFM does not work for Shop ‘n Save and is not affiliated with Shop ‘n Save. I chose to use Shop ‘n Save catering for my son’s party. Any items stated in this release pertain to my particular occasion. Please check with your own Shop ‘n Save about foods, allergies and so forth, this is just what I FOUND to be true for my family. By reading this article you understand that these are opinions from pittsburgh frugal mom. Food was delivered and set up for a nominal fee, please check with your local store for their delivery charges.

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