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As Pittsburgh Frugal Mom you have come to depend on me as your Consumer Advocate, someone who buys it, tries and and reviews it so you don’t have to! I have done just that with SCENTSY! Let’s take a look at this PHENOMENON! I believe the best consumer is the Educated consumer, hands down!

Are you old school and loved potpourri burners? I remember them and I hated when they either burned or ran out of water or the candle flooded itself with wax. I did love the smell that would emanate through the air, fresh, crisp and clean! Every season there would be a new smell a new POPPOURI! Thinking of this all brings me back to the days I would write my Grad School Papers and burn Poppouri. Trends change things up and such is the case with SCENTSY! No burning, no water smells that LINGER on and smell so ‘ummmm’!

SCENTSY – is a word that I have been hearing, and I am sure you have too, but what is this Scentsy? I turned to my girlfriend, AUDREY, who sells SCENTSY as an Independent Consultant for the answer.

“Scentsy is a brand that produces 80+ amazing scents in many different options!” I needed more information, so we continued the conversation:


There is Traditional Scentsy which consists of a wax and a warmer a very simple system. The warmers are heated by light bulb, and the food grade parrafin wax is warmed on the top plate. The wax never heats hotter than a cup of coffee, so of the little ones get curious- there’s no worries! The wax is in little cubes(they look like little ice cubes from an ice cube tray), and the burner is ceramic. You can pick from so many containers. There is a theme for ANY and EVERY room of your house or any mood you may choose to create. Cubes and Warmers will enliven YOUR Senses.

Here is mine! A princess Tiara of course

Not so Traditional Scentsy:

Scentsy launched a new brand called Layers. They took their top selling scents and turned them into Body Wash, Body Lotions, Hand cream, and LAUNDRY products! Even your clothes can now smell Scent-sational!! ( Starting May 1st Scentsy is launching yet another amazing brand called Veleta. They are turning their magical warmers into Fundo! Using the best quality Belgian chocolate you can take your Scentsy experience to a whole new level!) —- I will review these for you in future blog publications. If you like DOWNY UNSTOPPABLES you are gonna LOVE the Scentsy Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disk Fragrances (I will review these for you shortly)

I have been using my Traditional Scentsy, with flavors like Home Sweet Home and Blueberry and I can tell you that it is as pleasurable to smell the SCENTSY as it is to eat a dessert! That is the only way to describe how wonderful the infused wax will make your home smell!

I will be sharing a lot of different pieces of SCENTSY with you as I now have become consumed in learning what this is as well as loving what it has shown me already = sweet, vibrant smells that are safely heated and make an environment even more pleasurable to be in!

SCENTSY is a very simple concept: Wax, a light bulb and a warming unit! Not just any way, wax that melts with a light bulb but gives off wafting-flavor-filled scents of blueberry, almond, strawberry, french lavender, ocean, wishing well, Mediterranean spa, and so so many more. My nose just LOVES my boxes when they arrive, and then my closets explode with smell when I store them until usage(double use!!)

If you never knew what Silpada was or Pampered Chef and then you fell in love with them once you learned them well then this will provide you with the same SCENTSATIONS once you learn about it!!!

The last part of of obtaining SCENTSY is through a reliable Independent Consultant! There are many out there, but there is ONE that I use personally. Check her site out by clicking here! Audrey responds quickly to each order and each question that YOU might have! I am not a SCENTSY REP I just enjoy using the product! I have broken the information down for you to make it discernable and allow you to decide if this is something YOU want!


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