I recently read and reviewed a very entertaining book CAPTAIN, by author THOMAS BLOCK.  As best described by Author Nelson DeMille, CAPTAIN is one of the best aviation/adventure thrillers you’ll ever read…” and that actually is just the beginning.

Here is my AMAZON REVIEW Of the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Flying High with Emotions, Thrills and Suspense,June 26, 2012
This review is from: Captain (Paperback)

Captain Inviting characters, thrilling plot and a true roller coaster ride of emotions, CAPTAIN packs a walloping frolic through the ‘friendly’ skies. Intriguing characters that each offer an emotional glimpse into their make-up as well as a business side that you want to know exists!
A new fan to Mr. Block’s writing I am hanging on the edge of desire to read yet another. A MacGyver of the sky is the best way to describe the intensity of the plot from beginning to end. Page after page each character from Flight Attendant Tina to Captain Jack will keep you reading and wanting to know more! I could not put the book down until i read it from cover-to-cover.
If you ever wondered about the political nonsense that goes on in the background of an airlines this will confirm it for you. Rest assured you will be succumbed by the story and align with a character’s profile. The book clearly has a villain, a hero and a supporting cast that is sure to please every reader. The Mantra that “you never get to make a second first impression” and “always do your job the best because you never know when BIG BROTHER is watching” are key to the political satire which are the glue to the book. Your thirst will be quenched, not by beverage service in the skies but by learning how everything from crew failure to equipment failure can set off a chain of events that you never saw coming– How will CAPTAIN conduct you? ~pfm

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If you ever wondered what happens pre-flight, in-flight and before landing as well as all the bureaucratic hoopla that comes in between, CAPTAIN is your book.  As I read it I felt entranced and I could envision everything in the cockpit as well as the faces of each character.  I started reading the book poolside and I could not put it down, honestly even when my kids came by splashing I just waved them off.

I have to tell you, I am not about conventional reviews you all know that. I wanted to see how the book flowed, so while you might read it page by page, I read it Book One, Chapter One, Book Two Chapter One, just to really see if I was going to ‘get it’.  The book flows so well the story in the book is actually 2 sides: on the plane(problems in flight)  and on the ground(politics of business).  The delicate balancing act of how GROUND LEVEL(offices)  plays into FLIGHT LEVEL(friendly skies)  is dynamic. There are two stories happening, one is all the Corporate stuff, the political stances on jobs, and the way things SHOULD be handled and then of course there are the ways that things are handled and the way that knowing someone will always make the difference.  The other side of the story is in the air when the plane meets up with some ‘hiccups’ to put it lightly.  How will the flight team handle unforeseen circumstances?

Enter the aircraft and set for adventure with Captain Jack, and old fashioned pilot (not about rules and regulations)– and get ready for a ride in the air that will keep you reading for more answers. From the moment that you set foot with Captain Jack  and meet Flight Attendant Tina, First Officer Peter Fenton, and Linda you know sparks will fly as Peter is probably the most abrasive person you could meet.  First Office Peter  has a short tolerance for anything unless it is ‘in the books’, while Second Office Linda is the most well-balanced advocate these 2 men could ever hope for.

Jack’s basic disregard for a few minor policy issues from fueling to cockpit visitation both work for and against him.  Jack’s long time pal Ray Clarke will be on his flight and Jack is all too happy to invite him to ‘hang out’ in the cockpit as a  a retired captain and friend Jack was most excited to rekindle their friendship and catch up on time passed.  First Officer Peter is upset from the beginning  of the book because of his flight crew assignment  and he becomes more jilted and aggressive towards Jack.   SECOND OFFICER Linda maintains a referee-like demeanor and keeps things focused and in line. There’s more flying in the air than the plane(words, punches and problems)

Back in corporate a sudden distress call from CAPTAIN JACK’s flight ” Mayday, Trans-Continental Flight 3 is being hijacked! We’ve got this lunatic…..It’s 9/11 again” sets off a flurry of political activity that will either make or break Trans-Continental’s journey.  If you want to see how one panicked call can create havoc in corporate and then set a series of bad decisions into play, you have to read the book.  Politics outweighing good judgement and characters with little backbone developing a new level of brilliance in time of possible tragedy.



I think you can tell more from the character’s than the book content, these are all people I would like to meet:

Flight Attendant TINA:   Confidant and poised and the ability to keep calm through anything from plane malfunctions to former LOVE problems.  Tina is brilliant, smart, kicky and never at a loss for how to react in a situation.  Her character personifies so many women out their vying for the affection of a man who just is not capable of meeting her needs. You can’t help identify with her persona.

Captain JACK:  We all know a JACK in our lives, but in this book Captain Jack is not the DINOSAUR  that his crew mates might have him tagged as, he is smart, thorough and able to think through disaster before it strikes, but what he does not foresee is what his actions could contrive.  Here’s to JACK…His attitude of cavalier make the whole story possible. Bravo.

RAY CLARKE :  Not over the untimely passing of his wife and definitely not ready for the encounters he was about to greet, former love interest TINA,  how unwrapped could this man become?  What will his actions do to make the passengers on the plane LOVE and HATE him?  Can Ray move past the tragedy that took his wife and pull his colleagues through a tight spot or will he crumble? Ray was someone I could understand and reason with and would love to meet for his integrity and well-thought plans.

DR. LEE:   armed with an MD degree and practices psychiatry the only one who can actually help those in need on this flight! Lee’s biggest need seems to be LOVE as he finds interest in TINA and finds chemistry without needing to be in the classroom.  His ability to manage crisis scores huge points.

BRANDON KYLE:  the man we could all do without.  The man that makes BRASH decisions based on what he THINKS he knows instead of  what people inform him of.  Knowledge based on his kind of Intel surely leads to disaster.

CAPTAIN GEORGE FISHER:  Vice President of Flight, his continual personality clash with BRANDON KYLE makes for excellent political sparring inter-office.  Everyone needs a Captain George Fisher because GEORGE is a friend and then an employee and he remembers what a person is, not what they are assumed to be.  Could GEORGE be the hero?


The end result of a flight gone bad will surprise you with every flip of the page.  Why did the flight have trouble? Who was responsible? Was the villain really a villain or was it just dumb luck? Will the flight make it or will the flight be lost over the North Atlantic forever?  I wanted to know so I read the book and I want you to know, but you will have to read the book as well. I can assure you adventure with every flip of the page:)


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Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this book to review in return for my TRUE, Honest Opinion which I have provided.  As my readers you all know I do not promote items that I do not believe worthy.  I do hope you each will consider reading this book!



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