It’s Lenten Season and you are scrambling for options right? I prefer to reflect upon all the great things of the season and challenge myself to find new and exciting recipes that lend to basic menu plan.  

Meatless for me includes some great dairy that allows itself to easily be combined with fresh veggies to basically make a one plate meal with endless options.  What is fresh, round or oval and found at ALDI? A look at the refrigerated section will offer you a whole new set of Meatless Options for the season.  Here’s how to lavishly live meatless out loud with a great Fresh Mozzarella.

Fresh Mozzarella is delicious when it is mixed with fresh veggies, cut into cubes on top of pasta, or even tossed with tomato. It is a luxury item, something that you dine on before a meal, after a meal, or even as an aperitif, but when you offer Fresh Mozzarella as a meal option, you might find yourself craving it more and more.   While the brand at ALDI may change from time to time, one thing is sure, the quality if there and the taste is delicious!

Caprese Aldi

I have a few things I LOVE to do with the Fresh Mozzarella but my ALDI time favorite (lol) is as simple as Tomato(fresh), Fresh Mozzarella, Balsamic and Olive Oil.

1 Fresh Ball of Eden Valle Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (chunked, or cubed however you like)

2 – 3 Tbsp . Carlini Extra Light Olive Oil or Extra Dark

2 Fresh Roma Tomatoes (Aldi PRODUCE AREA)

2 Tbps of Balsamic Vinegar (Aldi has the best price on this as well)

Slice tomato and cheese and alternate one piece of tomato to once piece of cheese, sprinkle with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar. Serve.


Test Kitchen of Dana Vee :) Aldi, fresh mozzarella, cooking, lenten, meatless meals, tomato, dana, adventures in shopping, diy, recipe, caprese aldiLuckily.. I had one left to share the PIC with you:)


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