This Tab will provide useful information about Allergy items out there, whether it is pillow covers or allergy medications that I have used, tested, reviewed or am learning about. Please see disclaimer at bottom of this post for more information.

With 3 kids, there was not even a question in my mind that one of my kids would be plagued with severe allergies, but when 2 of the 3 were found positive for almost anything outside and a ton of stuff inside, I really began to pull my hair out.

God Bless our pediatrician, because every year we get our special prescription for eye drops, and nose drops, and our Albuterol, Atrovent and Singulair, but this year as he and I spoke we decided some more comprehensive testing might be a good idea.

My heart breaks when their eyes are swollen, and their noses keep running and their head hurts, it just does not seem fair to not feel well during their ‘fun time’.

For years I have been treating my kids for allergies, not knowing the level of severity or the items in particular that trigger the allergies. We had been tested previously, when they were younger, but allergies change, so I was not sure what we were working against. It has been kind of a blind combativeness just to survive allergy season. After the children received comprehensive testing the story of why they had hives, nausea, eye swelling, runny noses, and more began to become much clearer, it was not just environmental allergies==== it was food allergies. Each child has a different allergy so each of the 3 children needs a different diet, specific to the foods they can and can not eat: Here is just a small list of what the three of them can not eat between them: CORN, DAIRY, FRUITS(kiwi,strawberries, bananas, pears, mango, pineapple, cherry,raspberries), NUTS(all) Shellfish, and this is just the beginning of the list. This all has made dining hard to manage.

We were tested for allergies by an allergist. We spent hours there. My son, while being tested actually broke into hives on his skin, had a nasty reaction to the testing, his ear swelled up and his face began blotching… of course we were told “this has never happened to ‘me’ before” They dosed him Benadryl and a week later he still had all the ‘hives’ on his arm. Upset, he was and I understand why. Diagnosed with allergies that include EVERY FORM OF NUT, Bees, Wasps, HONEY, SHELLFISH(ALL), and so many fruits the list just goes on and on) and he is also allergic to potatoes.

My other son tested positive to every known plant and grass out there, as well as dust, mold and DAIRY.

This was just the beginning of the battle with allergies.

My daughter, most recently diagnosed can not eat CORN and when she does horrible things happen to her. Stomach MIGRAINES which cause nausea, pain and hot/cold sweats create mandatory visits to the hospital which is unable to help us! My daughters’ lips swell, she gets hives and regular headaches as well, it is simply AWFUL. Imagine she is 14 and found out that her love ‘CORN CHIPS’ are suddenly a no no! (she is so upset)

My quest has become a task to change all the foods they were used to eating to foods that fit EACH of their diets. My quest is to find a few reputable companies that I can ORDER food from or FIND It locally. My passion has become finding foods that taste good because their childhood’s have already been disrupted from all the sickness due to allergies to foods. Finding a company that has food, snacks and beverages that can suit more than one of my children’s diets at a time is also a huge plus and on my TO DO list.

Anything under this TAB will bring you reviews of items from those companies that allow my children some FOOD FREEDOM from their everyday food allergies. I know there are so many of you out there with many of the same challenges I am facing and I believe that an educated consumer is the best consumer so I am getting educated on the companies and their products that are out there for those plagued by food allergies.

The good news: I have found several companies already that have NO CORN, NO DAIRY, NO NUTS, NO LATEX, etc.

My goal in this section will be to inform you, review and give you ALL those things you may need in order to find a food that meets YOUR child’s needs. I will only provide you my true opinion as I do in all my writing.

Allergy season has kept us hopping, so this section will tell you things that we have found helpful, not so helpful or that I have personally reviewed.


Though I do not claim to be an expert of a Dr. In any area, I do have 3 children suffering from allergies and since I am on a quest to find the best organic, nut free, corn free, dairy free products there are I will be providing reviews on them and let you know what I know. Maybe it will help save you money or maybe you will find something you did not know about. Perhaps you will be able to make some suggestions to me as well. I look forward to this new topic on my blog. As a parent you know what foods to steer clear of, I am simply writing about what has WORKED for my children’s sensitivity to these particular items that I will blog about. Each child has different conditions, no child’s tolerance is the same and by all means READ THE PACKAGES and question the manufacturers!!! I do!. I can not afford a mistake with LATEX allergies, Nut Allergies or CORN allergies.. These are extreme in my home. Please allow this page to be more of a GUIDE than the rules.

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