$200 WALMART GIVE AWAY 6/25-7/8

Who’s ready for the next big Madame Deals Event?

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I’m pretty sure you’re going to LOVE the prize!

Our sponsor, PhilterIt, is offering one of our readers a $200 Walmart Gift Card!!

**Powered by Madame Deals and Slop Swap**

PhilterIt.com is changing the way users experience email. Our inbox is perfect for heavy online shoppers and daily-deal seekers who are overwhelmed by the emails they receive from brands but don’t want to lose the valuable content. We filter brand messages into icons, so that they are out of the way but not lost. PhilterIt is elegant, beautiful and simple to use. Email is getting a makeover.

Take a look at how you can organize your inbox:

***As a blogger I make sure I am signed up for every sale every where with every store but even with INBOXES dedicated to these sales it is hard to keep track of the latest and the greatest, PhilterIt.com is such a great tool because it separates each store and its e mails without me having to and the I can simply go to the STORE BRAND icon and check my mail and its sales! Excellent, Time Saving and FRUGAL***

You can sign up for you own PhilterIt account by going to http://PhilterIt.com and using the the code: ***giveaway ***

*In order to WIN the giveaway, you must register with PhilterIt with the code above.

You can find PhilterIt on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sign up with PhilterIt and then enter to WIN the $200 Walmart Gift Card below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Blogger Prize:

There will be a “$100 pick your prize” Prize for the blogger that has the most registrations to PhilterIt through their unique invitation code….so make sure you look up that code on the sign up doc and use it in your post. There will be a generic one on the RC in case the reader does not sign up from the one in your blog post.

Pick your prize could be cash, amazon, gift card, etc. PhilterIt will track the registrations and let us know which blogger received the most via their link/invite code.

If you haven’t joined the Madame Deals Free event group, please do: https://www.facebook.com/groups/184006161717989/

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