Did you know that the average family of four discards 24  pounds of fresh produce every month?
Produce is a big part of everyone’s food bill. Get the most out of your grocery budget with FridgeSmart® Containers.
They’re designed to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.

Market fresh from the fridge

Stock up and save! These modular, space-saving containers feature adjustable vents to control airflow and keep produce fresher, longer. Permanent storage charts provide easy reference. Includes one 8½-cup/2 L Medium Long and two each of 7-cup/1.6 L Medium, 19¾-cup/4.6 L Large and 4½-cup/1.1 L Small FridgeSmart® Containers.
• In Natural/Sunny.
• Dishwasher safe.

Anyone who dates a party will get a FridgeSmart Medium long for FREE  plus the other FREE items they earn.


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