Are you a GROUPON  and/or LIVING SOCIAL JUNKIE but you wish they were grocery store focused?  Do you love purchasing products that are reduced in price but HIGH in quality?  Do you have a Shop n’ Save PERKS Card?  Then today is YOUR lucky day.

Shop n’ Save has teamed up with AISLE 50 to provide you with Groupon-like coupons, that are loaded onto your PERKS card and the deals are only for GROCERIES?  The answer to your wish is here & begins today at your Local Shop n’ Save.  OUTSTANDING!!!~~~ So Pittsburgh Frugal..

Shop n’ Save is launching a new way to grocery shop, where you get products at a reduced rate, pay for them before you ever get to the store and the whole transaction… well that’s all on your PERKS card.  You are not hauling papers to redeem, you are not waiting in a line to get something special, you are just going to shop the way you do, checking out, and using your Shop n’ Save PERKS card.

Here is how this works:

SHOP ‘n SAVE and start-up Aisle50 have teamed together to offer Pittsburghers’ savings on something they use everyday – groceries.

Using Aisle50 is simple:

  1. Sign up for deals at
  2. Receive an email offer for 30-60 percent off a frequently used grocery item
  3. Purchase the deal online and it is automatically loaded to your Perks Card
  4. Redeem the deal at SHOP ‘n SAVE – nothing to print, nothing to pay – just swipe your Perks Card


I got to speak with Chris Steiner co-founder of Aisle50 and here are a few questions I asked him …I had a lot of things to ask Chris, to really see the benefits of the program.  Thank you Chris for your patience with my inquisitive nature!

DANA (PFM) What traits make Pittsburgh The Perfect Launch Market?
(CHRIS)   Pittsburgh is a city trending up.  It has a very tech savvy population, thanks in part to hosting two great universities.  And it has a great retailer in Shop ‘n Save, who is one of the progressive thinkers in the space.
DANA (PFM)   Can I use this from my cell phone?
(CHRIS)   Yes you can, by using the browser on your phone.  By early April, there will be free Aisle50 apps available for both Android and iPhones.
DANA(PFM) Is there anything to print out?
(CHRIS): It is not necessary to print anything, no.  But you can print out the confirmation page if you wish.  The deal is loaded straight to your Perks card, so there’s no paper to worry about. 
DANA(PFM)  What will be the hardest thing I have to learn using AISLE50?
(CHRIS) There’s nothing hard about it!  Buy the deal at Aisle50— and we load it to your Perks card.  Head to your closest Shop ‘n Save to redeem the deal.  When you swipe your Perks card at checkout, the product’s price will be zeroed out because you already paid us (and you got a bargain).  You pay only sales tax at the store.
DANA(PFM) Will there eventually be Computer terminals in every store that allow me to capitalize on the deal IN STORE if I forgot to at home?
(CHRIS)  We don’t plan on that for now — and we think most consumers will prefer to use their smart phones paired with the Aisle50 apps that will make buying deals a 15 second process.
DANA(PFM)  Will there be receipt incentives to apply codes to what I have purchased? Like COME BACK deals?
(CHRIS)  We won’t offer codes on our receipts, but for some deals, we will offer consumers the chance to cash in on even bigger deals from the same brand or food manufacturer.  
 DANA(PFM)  If I am a LOYAL AISLE50 user, outside of the SAVINGS I am receiving on those items featured is there any other incentive to use AISLE50? (bogo’s after so many purchases, a free one for referring so many to your site? ) etc.
(CHRIS)  We offer our best consumers the first chance at our biggest deals as well as periodic opportunities to answer very short surveys for free products at the grocery store.  
DANA(PFM)  What makes you different from a GROUPON? LIVING SOCIAL, etc.
(CHRIS)  Simple difference: we’re all about products that you use every day.  This isn’t about pony rides or helicopter lessons — this is about getting great deals on great brands at the grocery store.
I hope you have a great chance trying your First Deal with AISLE 50 and Shop n’ Save! Get Pittsburgh Frugal and try it out!


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