I have just started using an application that is for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and is accessible by every other cellular device that accepts text messaging(which means for any member of the family that has a cellular phone that texts and for any member of the family that goes to the grocery store, they now have a list!!).  The application is great and makes grocery shopping a breeze.   The application is free and you can also work on it from a website, so you can be by your computer and add to a list or by your phone, which makes it super easy to maintain.


Grocery shopping is a task and it can be expensive, if you forget what items you are there for and purchase ‘extras’ that you do not need, but purchase on impulse.  We all make lists and loose them, but this makes the list and saves it to your phone.  No more little pieces of paper getting lost.  Everyone in the house that has access to texting or the web can add or access the grocery list.l
Would you love this application more if I told you it sorted your groceries by aisle or by store? and what if it was possible to even just scan a UPC code off a products and it was automatically added to your list?
I can tell you that by simply scanning the bar code, grocery lists are fun and easy to make.  The kids can even do it, which is a plus when you have just run out of something, you just let them take the picture of the UPC.  If the UPC will not register via the scan, you can manually enter it.
The same application allows you to look up a recipe via a key word, for example, eggplant, and then it asks you what method you want to cook it, via frying, baking sauteing, etc.  The application locates the proper recipe and the ingredients, and then it suggests the ingredients you might need in order to complete the meal and allows you to touch a button to add these to the grocery list.  Meal planning, recipes and grocery list extraordinaire all in one.
There’s more, the application will locate you, via the GPS and show you every possible store that is around you, so that you do not even have to figure out where a store is, you just can go.  It offers you directions to the store via map questing.  Imagine being on vacation and getting to a grocery store with ease.
Your job has been made super easy, you just have to get to the grocery store and put the items in your cart.    How about free? Yes, the application is free!

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