*article originally published in February 2011

Andrew Stockey/Dana Vento – Field Agent Presentation
I believe this article should absolutely change your mind towards cell phones. Many of us look at our cell phone as our daily tool, something we can not live without, however, we hate the bills that come with the phone.  We all shop, we all travel to many different stores and in doing this, we have a wealth of opportunity sitting in the palm of our hands.  What if I could show you a great application for you phone that when used,  would donate to your monthly income without doing anything more than what you already do such as running your daily errands?
I have my iPhone with me all the time, it is my life line. I use my phone for texting, streaming, document viewing, face time, checking prices from store to store and so much more, but I also make the phone earn its own paycheck, it works for me.  My phone earns an actual paycheck.  Oh yes, this is possible and if you follow through on your end, you can pay your cell phone bills by using our cell phone.
Let’s say I am shopping at Wal Mart today, I simply check the application for a job and if there is one available, I confirm the job and  I can get paid between $4 and $6 and sometimes even $10, just for completing a simple picture task.  I am doing what I would normally do, running my errands, but I will stop and do this 2 minute task, and then apply the money to my phone bill.
The application pays you in 48 hours to your Pay Pal account.  It is just that simple, and there are a lot of people doing this.  The average person doing this work is making $100+ a month, enough to cover a cell phone bill.
Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB (AT&T)     Go to the site, and read up on how it works, get the application for your phone, and commit to an assignment.  That is it.
The more you jobs you complete, the more you move up in the job rankings.  Many times, there are simple surveys to complete, and you do not even have to leave your home.  Just a great application to score a few bucks.
This is the way of the future.  You are a free-lance worker, and the money is deposited right into your account.  What a great deal!!  You need a pay pal account and you need an iPhone.
The other side of this is how wonderfully it works for the client(the item you are looking for, whether it’s a toaster, blender, food product by a particular company).  As a client, there is real-time information at your fingertips.  The client can make certain of item placement, price-tagging and that displays are built and put where they are supposed to be.  The client, be it, Heinz, Sony, Phillips, whoever, gets instant gratification from your undercover work.  It is really great, because if you think about it, things are meant to be displayed in certain locations, with certain price tags for particular reasons.  As a customer, if things are where they are supposed to be, with the price tags, you are more apt to make the purchase at that store for that item and you probably will return.  The concept is unique and wonderful and pays someone in the local area a bit of cash for this information.
I say, why fight a phone bill, because once you have a cell phone, and become a committed cell phone user, you can never do without a cell phone because communication is technology.  You have a phone, make it earn a paycheck.
Let your phone work for you, just like it does everyday.  Here is the application? Go to Field Agent.

Why the Application is great: PROS
***You earn CASH. No Purchases Required. !!!!!
1) your phone becomes a tool that you can use to make money from
2) no purchases necessary, just usually a picture a question and then a payout
3) you only need a pay pal account and they are FREE
4) the application pays you within 48 hours of completion, providing you did the proper scope of the job
5) you can work from any state, any location as long as there are jobs
6) you can use it via the store WiFi and not use any of your data transmission time
7) you actually learn about new products all the time
8) if you ever wanted to be undercover, this is your chance
9) the customer service team is WONDERFULLY responsive from easy questions to hard!
1) you have to have an iPhone
2) you have to like to shop or be a consumer that goes to the store
3) you need a pay pal account(and you have to enter private info on these accounts, which many are hesitant to do)
4) you may not ALWAYS see a job, there are many other agents in your area
5) you might not complete the task right and then you do not get paid.
6) you may not complete a task right and then your agent level is not equal, (i.e. 37/38)
7) if you complete too many jobs incorrectly, you agent level is not moved ahead.

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