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Dolphin Tale 2

The kids and I decided that a Saturday spent at the movies was a great way to start our day, so we were off.  I was a bit curious as to how the Dolphin Tale 2 was going to stack up as a sequel to Dolphin Tale and if it was going to be that cheesy, … [Read More...]

Cat Costume Options For Halloween , Knight, Knight Rider, Halloween, Cats, Kittens, Pets, Petco, dana vento, October

Cat Costume Options For Halloween

Don't tell anyone, but October is advancing quickly and as I move through my calendar I have been realizing I am a bit behind getting kid costumes ready as well as the cat!  That's right I dress up the cat in our house and Bella loves it as much as … [Read More...]

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#Save#X3 at Staples

The seasons are moving almost too fast for me to keep up with and the days are getting darker, quicker! As we roll into the holidays my mind has already raced ahead to printing cards for the holidays. … [Read More...]

SWEET 16 DIY Invitations, supplies, create, diy, invitations, sweet sixteen, parties, how to, make, dana vento

SWEET 16 DIY Invitations

I'm all about making things myself, not necessarily to save money, but in order to make things special. I believe a personal touch, a special craft, cake, etc. speaks worlds to a person and how much … [Read More...]

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365 Vegan Smoothies

Smoothie Girl I am. Perhaps you have seen my Smoothie recipes posts or maybe you have seen my Instagram Smoothie creations. I love inventing, making, whipping up and offering the best of Smoothies to … [Read More...]

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bobble for SPORT

Fitness, Sports & Water As the newly appointed Ambassador for G&G Sports I have to tell you the pressure is on to train, train hard and get some well needed MomME time.  My goal is to lose … [Read More...]